Sunday, January 15, 2012

The dying times of the automobile

    So, recently I was ogling A 1968 Dodge Dart Super Stock, and it made me realize something: Today's cars have absolutely no character. In the 60's, you could order a car WITHOUT air conditioning, stereo, CARPET, or paint. Yes, that's right, people would pay not to have these things. Today, if you even mentioned to somebody that a car came from the factory without air conditioning that person would have you burned at the stake so the entire village could watch. Man, back then, it wasn't necessarily about comfort, it wasn't always about looks, it was about being the coolest, fastest, and mechanically best street beast you're job would allow. Back then, every guy was his own mechanic, now some kids have no clue even how to change their oil. People were proud of their cars back then, now it's just something to get you from A to B. It's sickening.                           

     Quality has gone down the drain as well. It only takes a couple of glances to realize just how much plastic is on the OUTSIDE of my current daily driver. Stuff didn't break back then unless you really pushed your luck, my Blazer is on its third fuel pump in 120,000 miles. But what can I do about it? Bitch and moan, that's what. I can also focus my interest onto stuff with quality, meaning old bikes and cars. Hell, even the 1985 S15 truck I bought recently has better quality than my 2000, just some questionable power issues, but more on that later. I just wish that technology would stop being such a staple in the current automotive realm, and I wish the typical man would pull his head out of his ass and start being mechanically inclined, that would probably help. Well that's my rant, peace.